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In today’s economy, millions are faced with a financial dilemma of epic proportions. Without question individuals and families are struggling financially due to the overwhelming burdens of long term debt. If left unchecked long term debt is the single greatest enemy when it comes to achieving financial freedom now and at the time of retirement. iXcell uses proven financial strategies to help homeowners and renters achieve their financial goals.The iXcell debt elimination and wealth acceleration platform helps you own your home in less than half the time. By using common practices that are taught by several financial experts, iXcell clients will pay off all of their debts, including a mortgage in as little as 6-12 years- with no major changes to their spending habits. A debt and mortgage-free future is just around the corner!

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With an overview of everything you have coming in and going out, iXcell allows you to automatically prioritize activities that will help you build wealth faster than ever before.

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The platform allows for the inclusion of life insurance products and another level of wealth building. A simple tick of a checkbox includes life insurance in your portfolio.


Traditional programs cost 3x as much as self-directed option.


Pay off your mortgage in half the time vs. traditional mortgage.

Refinanced in the last 10 years? Our platform puts you in the driver's seat.

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